Daytime Running Lights

Replacement headlamp

units fitted with the latest

superbright LED's to 

transform your MGTF and

bring it right up to date

Stunning looks

and added road


  • Automatically turn on with engine start
  • 50% dimming when side / headlights on
  • 15 second courtesy delay after engine stop
  • £275 exchange

Easy to install and

supplied with fitting



Welcome to MG Magic, specialists in the MGF and MGTF.  These fantastic British sports cars are now regarded as classics and many versions are sought after by collectors.  Especially the rarer limited editions and anniversary cars, some of which were only produced in small numbers.


This 2 seat mid engined sports car has progressed from its first 120bhp form to the potent 160bhp

Trophy and 160 models.  Original Hydragas suspension on the MGF giving way to the more sporting coil spring/damper arrangement with the introduction of the TF in 2002.  Performance from the 160 model is impressive and the car can sprint from standstill to 60mph in just 6.9 seconds with superb handling and cornering ability.


These cars offer remarkable value open-top motoring and are economical to run, easily returning more than 40mpg and up to 50mpg is possible, even from the performance models.  Having a mid engine design, performance and handling are also excellent.