Daytime Running Lights

Replacement headlamp

units fitted with the latest

superbright LED's to 

transform your MGTF and

bring it right up to date

Stunning looks

and added road


  • Automatically turn on with engine start
  • 50% dimming when side / headlights on
  • 15 second courtesy delay after engine stop
  • £275 exchange

Easy to install and

supplied with fitting




Daytime running lights for your MGTF. 


Exchange headlamp units incorporating the latest COB superbright LED lighting system.  Easy to install and bringing your TF right up to date, where it belongs.

  • Automatically  turn on with engine start
  • 50% dimming when side / headlights turned on
  • 15 second courtesy delay after engine stop (giving time to find your way up the drive)
  • £275 exchange plus a £100 deposit, refunded on return of your old headlamps.

If you would prefer to have your own headlamps converted, then please contact us.


Note:  This product is not available for the Chinese built MGTF, due to the unreliable voltage regulation of this model.  Damage to DRL electronic components and LED lamps can result if fitted to these cars.


*Your exchange headlamp units must be returned to us within 30 days. Collection is free of charge, just let us know when they are ready for  our carrier to pick up.  Non return will result in loss of your deposit payment. 


Invisible in your TF until the engine starts and combining style with added road safety.  Stunning looks and tremendous road presence.


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