Exchange headlamp units for your TF

Are your headlamps looking a little tired, with scratches, stone chips and worn front lenses?  Unfortunately, however much you polish them it makes little difference and polishing kits are a waste of money.  They just remove even more of the optical coating that was there when they were new.  This special protective layer also improves light transmission through the polycarbonate as well as preventing uv damage from sunlight.  However, it doesn't last forever and eventually wears in some areas, followed by discolouration of the lenses.


Our exchange units are recoated to the original factory specification, completely and permanently restoring the clarity and sparkle at a fraction of the cost of new headlamps.


*Supplied on an exchange basis at £165 per pair, plus £100 deposit refunded on the return of your old headlamps (deposit increase due to non returns).  All carriage charges are included and we arrange collection of your old headlamps.  They must have all mountings and rubber lamp covers present and no damage.


See shop page for ordering information.


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*Your exchange headlamp units must be returned to us within 28 days.  Collection is free of charge, just let us

know when they are ready for our carrier to pick up.  Non return is breach of contract and will incur additional 

charges, together with withdrawal of any warranty.